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TADA! Here's my little drabble for the quote contest our lovely mod put up. It's nothing to grand, but I hope you guys will enjoy it.

"Blood will tell, but often it tells too much."
Don Marquis (Newspaper columnist.)


Written for tenchi_oni_love quotation-thingie-majiggie


It must be blood, Ryou figured. After all, it always was blood. It was blood that was spilled in war and it was blood that was the life bringing essence of human beings.


Without that vital life bringer a human being, or at least their bodies, could not exist. Therefore, it had to be about blood. Ryou often wondered whose blood it was his counterpart saw when he looked at Yugi’s spirit.


He often wondered whose blood it was he saw when his spirit saw his impending doom looming in a duel.


His blood perhaps? And if so, would that be for him, or for his spirit? Maybe there were others, maybe it was their blood it was about. If he saw their blood, everything would probably become a lot clearer. Answers he craved given, but maybe the blood would tell him too much.


Ryou knew the price to pay when blood told you too much. It told about horrors, pain and agony. It told about hero’s, thieves and treachery. If the blood told him too much he would go insane. Just like the spirit, he had listened to the cry of the spilled blood, but not his host though. No, Ryou would listen to the cry of the blood that still pumped through the veins of the living ones instead.


Ryou would make sure that no more blood would be spilled, so his spirit couldn’t listen to the deceptively sweet words of the spilled blood anymore, instead listening to the bright singing of the blood still flowing through veins undisturbed.




In my defense, it’s nearly midnight… 261 words and no abuse, yeey

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