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Fic: Hate and Sorrow

I've been bitten by the fic bug! Please don't shot!

Title: Hate and Sorrow
Part: 1/1
Author: Raven.

Disclaimer: Yuugiou is copyright of Kazuki Takahashi.

"Why do you hate so Bakura?”

Lazy brown eyes gazed at the blank white ceiling in silence, the look in those dark orbs a cross of deep thought and frustration.

“Your mother and sister were killed by a drunk.”

Such a simple statement yet it held so much weight and pain.

“Y-yes…” Soft voice broken slightly by harsh memories.

“And what happened to that man landlord?” Auburn eyes now watched the other carefully, watching as that poor boy fought to be strong.

“He went to jail for awhile and paid some amount of money…I don’t even know where that money went.” He was thirteen again, standing before two fresh graves while some priest rambled about Heaven and God’s will.

“And do you hate him landlord? Did you ever curse his name?”

Was there really any reason to ask?

“H-he took them a-away from me…” His voice was shaky and his eyes burned from tears that he would not let fall. “I did---I do hate him!”

Colourful flowers placed about shiny headstones, just like the flowers he would go buy with his mother…oh how she loved flowers. Now he was younger, watching as she smiled down at him.

“What flowers should we get Ryou?’

‘Daisies, those are Amane’s favorite!’

The touch of hands on his shoulder’s snapped him back to the present, where he wrote letters to the dead because the living had seemed to forgotten about him. His watery eyes met cold brown and he turned his head aside from the gaze.

“Take the death of your mother and sister and add your father landlord. Add your father’s parents and your mother’s. Add all your friends, sister’s playmates, the people you pass in the street, add even those you dislike. Take this whole city Ryou and have them brutally slaughtered before your eyes until only you remain. Tell me, would you not hate the one who called for such a act?“

Ryou stood silent, unable to even imagine living through something of that nature.

“I have been called immoral, evil even by the very person who did this to me. Me! Evil Ryou, because I killed.” He laughed humorlessly. “The blood on my hands pales next to his. That is why I hate so.”

The rest of the night was spent without saying another word, they both sat side by side each other and yet so far away. They were the same, two lonely souls that had lost so much at a young age. Once more Ryou stood before fresh graves covered in beautiful flowers as Bakura kneeled in the bloodied desolate ruins of his village…both alone with their hate and their sorrow.

~Fin: October 21, 2006, 12:05 AM~

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