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A Ryou/Bakura community
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Monday, September 29th, 2008
9:55 pm
Saturday, September 13th, 2008
6:16 pm
A newbie baring a gift

Hi, I'm new to the group and a huge Bakura fan. I saw the group a couple of days ago and decided to join. So I come with my first post with a fic I just wrote. I'm looking for a bata reader for my Yu-Gi-Oh fics, so if anyone is interested, please let me know. Now for the fic.

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3:53 pm
I come with fan art=)
I haven't posted here before, so I thougth I should try posting a few pictures I drew of Bakura and Ryou ^.^

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Tuesday, February 6th, 2007
4:42 pm
hiya ppl! n heres my first post ^^
i found this picture of bakura with cat ears along with Ryou, Marik n Yami so i just ad 2 share XD enjoy!

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Tuesday, November 28th, 2006
6:42 pm

Well I said I'd try...It's a bit vague [in relation to the song lyrics...] because I'm generally bad at stuff like this ^^;; I hope it's okay...

Title: In Love With the Darkness
Rating: G
Type: Fanart; Tendershipping
Status: Complete
Time taken: A coupla hours...spent trying to sort out the colours mostly
Can also be found: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/43805038/
Notes: I didn't actually draw it then click invert...I found a shiny little button that I can play with ^____^

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Sunday, November 26th, 2006
4:01 pm
Ergh. Better than my last story, I think. Here's my entry for the challenge.

Title: Dark Side of the Moon
Rating: PG for use of bad metaphors.
Warnings: Bad metaphors, philosophical!Ryou, poor use of 1st person POV. Ugh.
Notes: 1) Song lyrics are not included, because I don't particularily like to write or read songfics, and I think they're tacky. Thus, the theme is slightly harder to co nnect, but I think it's not too hard.

2) I like to think of this story taking place literally right before Bakura find the door to Millenium World, and Ryou's upset because the stupid fat man won't let him in becaus eof "an evil presence" or some such excuse. Pshah, whatever. So he's moaning around, and to deal with his depression/anger, he thinks about what Bobasa may have meant. The Bakura, curious as to what his host is doing, listens in. So, it starts of with Ryou thinking to himself, then switching to a conversation, sort-of, when he realizes he has an eavesdropper.

I am the moon and you are the nightCollapse )

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Tuesday, November 21st, 2006
5:09 pm
ficcie time!
Another post from your friendly mod, this time to promote her sad excuse for a tendershipping/vampire fic. I update this thing every two weeks on sunday and I've decided to spam this community with my update posts ^_^


There's also a lemonless version available at www.fanfiction.net under the username 'paniwi'

are there nice people who want to leave me some helpful advice out there *bats eyelashes*

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Monday, November 20th, 2006
11:14 pm
New member, new ficcie
Yes, I'm new. This was actually written as a companion piece to another piece I wrote, but the other piece wasn't nearly as well-written or as tendershippy.


Title: Protagonistic
Rating: PG
Pairing: hints of Yami no Bakura/Bakura
Notes: I refer to Ryou as Bakura and Bakura as "the spirit" and so on so forth, since I find it's more canon-based. This will become clear in the fic, but I thought I should just put it out there.

Please comment.

Anyone can be a villain. It all depends on who you're asking.Collapse )
6:58 pm
late as usual
actually this post was supposed to be here yesterday, but due to circumstances that didn't quite happen. I'm a lazy co-mod.

Anyway, katia_chan and me are trying to bring this com alive again and we're doing so by starting up the challenges again. This time, I bring to you: a song!!

Here's the link:

The song is called 'in love with the darkness' and is from the german band Xandria. Your challenge is to make a story, drawing, video or whatever else you can think about that follows the theme of this song.  Off course it must involve Ryou, Bakura or both. I wish you all the best of luck and if you spread the word to make us known to the world, you will be given a cookie. <B>This challenge will end on sunday, 3 December.</B>

Also, we're looking for someone who can make banners and/or icons. Maybe it'd be fun we can give those to the winners of the challenges. So if anyone would like to do this, feel free.

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Sunday, November 12th, 2006
9:54 pm
First Post ^^
'Tis my first post to this community ^^

I got permission from Star_Sailor13 and said I'd show her when it was done, I colored Angels ^^

Colored PicCollapse )
Friday, October 27th, 2006
11:50 pm
First post?
I think this might be my first post here, but I don't actually remember...^^;; Anyway, tendershipping was on my list of things to draw for my OTP Week project and um...well I finally finished it after a lot of avoiding doing any sort of work at all. Please ignore the other picture ^^;;

Title: Angels
Rating: PG for hints of violence [ish] and some nekkidness~!
Type: Fanart; YuGiOh!; Tendershipping
Status: Incomplete; lineart
Time taken: Quite a while, I'd say...
Notes: The title and picture were inspired by the song Angels by Within Temptation <3 My new obsession *grins* Pretty songs, kinda angsty...but sometimes life just calls for it.


[Link to my art journal; feel free to friend if you want >__> x-posted again, sorry.]
Monday, October 23rd, 2006
7:17 am
Fic: Hate and Sorrow
I've been bitten by the fic bug! Please don't shot!

Title: Hate and Sorrow
Part: 1/1
Author: Raven.

Disclaimer: Yuugiou is copyright of Kazuki Takahashi.

Current Mood: sore
Wednesday, October 11th, 2006
4:15 am
Fic: Sayonara

I wrote this awhile back ago. It's a very short one shot but I like it.

Current Mood: artistic
Friday, August 25th, 2006
12:42 am
You all have the right to a mutiny...
I'm so sorry this com was basically dead all summer. Lines got crossed between mods on the quote challenge, and so it kind of died...both myself and paniwi were rather busy at different points in the summer, so it made things rather difficult.

So this is less a challenge, but more a "HM" thing.

I'm sure some of you have seen the influxes of fanmixes, and I am a sheep and follow the crowd. Therefore, if you're interested...

Make a mix, I appeal to thee!

You can do it for just one of the characters in this pairing, for their relationship, whichever way you choose to portray it, you can do whatever you want as long as it has to do with our favorite pair...(I would say just go nuts with other pairings too...but I am a bad mod and feel I must preserve my ruling dignity. ^_^)

If you don't know what a fanmix is, comment and I'll try to explain.

Go for it, get creative!

...And feel free to send me hate mail. :)


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Thursday, August 17th, 2006
2:21 pm
Title: Confrontation After
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Disclaimer: Not mine, not ever.
Pairings: Bakura/Ryou
Rating: PG
Genre: angst
Word count: 295
Summary: "No escape, yadonushi. No more stupid ideas."

( Duelist Kingom arc; no spoilers. )

Cross-posted a bit.
2:45 am
Hello, all. I'm Emily or Reverie, as you will; I'm terribly new here, though I've been a tendershipper for quite a while now; and I thought what better way to sweeten my arrival than to come bearing fic?

Very brief, rather cryptic, and Yami no Bakura is an uncooperative bastard. Do accept my apologies (don't hold your breath for his) and we'll try again next time. Given the current dearth of posts, though, I thought it might be better than nothing. ^^

Title: Wash Away
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Pairings: Bakura/Ryou if you're really looking. Ryou hasn't yet realized it himself.
Rating: G
Genre: introspective/angst
Word count: 129
Summary: They call it losing your mind; they never said it was so easy.

( Duelist Kingdom arc; no spoilers )
Sunday, May 21st, 2006
3:42 pm
TADA! Here's my little drabble for the quote contest our lovely mod put up. It's nothing to grand, but I hope you guys will enjoy it.

"Blood will tell, but often it tells too much."
Don Marquis (Newspaper columnist.)


Written for tenchi_oni_love quotation-thingie-majiggie

Friday, May 19th, 2006
2:02 pm
MOD post (yes, I really am still alive)
Hi everyone,

Your bad neglectful MOD is back from the nearly dead.

The last challenge seems to have gone decently, there were some lovely posts, thank you to all who participated! Appears things have stagnated though, so it's time to get things moving right along!

BLIPS Challenge! (I'm sleep deprived, give me a break)

Basic gist of things, i'm going to put up a quote every week. Incorperating that quote, or using it directly, write a drabble or draw a quick little sketch. If there's enough participation i'll put up quotes more frequently, but let's see how things go! Any questions comments or railing complaints, feel free to comment loves. :)

(Of course, any unchallenge related posts are still welcome with open arms...and intro posts are still love.)

First quote:
"Blood will tell, but often it tells too much."
Don Marquis (Newspaper columnist.)

Go nuts!


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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
8:53 pm
Superficial Wounds (PG-13)
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh (Anime & Manga)
Pairing: Ryou Bakura & Yami no Bakura
Word Count: 423
Warnings: Shounen-ai
Summary: Yami Bakura is a jealous god.
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh © Kazuki Takahashi • Shueisha / Toei Animation.

( Drabble )
1:00 pm
The Gospel According to Matthew (R)
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh (Anime & Manga)
Pairing: Ryou Bakura & Yami no Bakura
Word Count: 2,587
Warnings: Shounen-ai/Yaoi, Religious Themes, Sexual Situations, Rape
Summary: Yami Bakura is a jealous god.
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh © Kazuki Takahashi • Shueisha / Toei Animation.

( One-shot )
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