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A Ryou/Bakura community

for lovers and stalkers alike.

Ryou/Bakura LOVE!
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This community is devoted to the beautiful love between Ryou and Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh...what kind of love we leave up to you.

You can post fanfiction, rant about them, draw pictures, whatever you'd like, just please please make an attempt to follow the very few rules there are.

1. Make an attempt to stay on topic. If you stray off no one's going to kill you, and if you have questions about anything anime or manga you won't get shot, but if you can please try to stay with the flow of things.
2. Absolutely no flaming/abusing of other members, this should be a friendly place, and if you start acting like an ass you'll be banned, simple as that.
3. Keep all large things under an LJ cut.
4. Spoilers are not allowed unless you warn people they're coming, don't want to ruin anything for people.
5. Community advertising is allowed, go ahead!

That should be all. Have fun and post to your heart's content, if you have any questions, feel free to mail me at Katia@lelola.zzn.com or IM at waterspirit196.

There are fic challenges, so feel free to partake.

If you join, please make an introduction post, everybody wants to know who you are!

Most important, have fun!