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MOD post (yes, I really am still alive)

Hi everyone,

Your bad neglectful MOD is back from the nearly dead.

The last challenge seems to have gone decently, there were some lovely posts, thank you to all who participated! Appears things have stagnated though, so it's time to get things moving right along!

BLIPS Challenge! (I'm sleep deprived, give me a break)

Basic gist of things, i'm going to put up a quote every week. Incorperating that quote, or using it directly, write a drabble or draw a quick little sketch. If there's enough participation i'll put up quotes more frequently, but let's see how things go! Any questions comments or railing complaints, feel free to comment loves. :)

(Of course, any unchallenge related posts are still welcome with open arms...and intro posts are still love.)

First quote:
"Blood will tell, but often it tells too much."
Don Marquis (Newspaper columnist.)

Go nuts!

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