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Fic: Sayonara

I wrote this awhile back ago. It's a very short one shot but I like it.

 Title: Sayonara
Part: 1/1
Author: Raven

Disclaimer: Yuugiou is copyright of Kazuki Takahashi. I believe Ryou’s father has dark hair, I can’t really remember at the time. ^^; Got the title from the song of the same name by Gackt.

Only hushed voices could be heard in the hallways. No laughter of girls gossiping or the shouts of boys as they called to a friend. That day the halls where still and eerie, as all eyes followed the two figures; one their well known principle, the other unknown.

Bakura Ryou had always been a beautiful boy, maybe more beautiful than a boy should be. Gorgeous long snow coloured hair, soft flawless skin and he was always so polite. While some boys would tease him for this looks, girls fawned over him. Teachers loved him for his bright mind and for how respectful he was. No true bad word was said against Ryou.

Everyday he would show up to school, his uniform perfect, always smiling softly. No, not one real bad word was said against him, because deep down everyone either envied or adored him. Ryou never seemed to have a problem, nor did he cause any. That’s why it was so shocking…

“Do you think that’s his father?” A small brown haired girl whispered to her friend.

“He looks likes him.” The other answered back, lowering her eyes as the two adults walked passed.

The students watched as the principle led the man into his office and closed the door. The still hush remained.



Bakura Shohei sat down with an exhausted sigh, pushing his messy dark hair from his face. He had barely slept in three days and the stress was killing him.

“What is it that you have to show me?” He asked wearily.

The principle said nothing at first, instead he pulled out a few notebooks and sat them in front of the drained father. “These were found in Ryou’s locker. I thought it best to give them to you.”

Shohei slowly pulled the first book from the stack and opened it, his eyes widen at what he saw. The ring he had given to Ryou as a gift years ago was drawn over and over on the page. Around the rings, written over countless times in small print, was the single word yami.

“That’s just the start of it.” The principle said bleakly. “It gets…more disturbing as you look.”

Shohei sat in stunned silence , flipping through the notebook slowly. Half way through he stopped, unable to take anymore.

“It was my doing,” he whispered, eyes locked on the notebook. “If I had been a better father…if I had just been here…”

The principle reassured him that it wasn’t his fault, things happen, as Shohei was led out of the school, the notebooks tucked under his arms. Things just happen…



That day Ryou arrived at school on time as always, he’s uniform neat and clean and went about his day as if all was normal. He turned in his homework and answered all his teachers questions, then bid good-bye to everyone with his soft smile. He went home and fell into his daily routine of writing his dead mother and sister and tidied up his room.

Then put a gun to his head.

~Fin: September 05, 2006, 9:23 PM~

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